Coaching is increasingly being recognised as an important method for improving instruction and achievement in our educational sector, which also contributes to sustained change in teachers’ practices, beliefs and attitudes. Coaching is: 20% energy, 20% passion, 20% content, 20% knowledge, 20% organization and 100% relationships. A combination of these can have a great impact on the 360 degree well being of a teacher and foster healthier teacher-student relationships. It ultimately improves learning at all levels.

What does a teacher coach do? A coach is one who helps teachers recognise what they know and can do; strengthen their ability to make more effective use of what they know and can do; supports teachers as they learn more and do more (Toll, C. (2005) The Literacy Coach’s Survival Guide, International Reading Association, Newark, USA)

What is the goal of teacher coaching?


Career Development

Just as any other career, teachers and lecturers must develop their careers. A career coach in this situation is a perfect fit. Based on your recognized abilities and skills a coach can help you develop and build on them. Career development is essential in any career path paving way for promotions and leadership roles. It also provides some intrinsic motivation knowing you have acquired more skills and knowledge


Instructional Improvement

Not only do teachers get promoted or given leadership roles when they associate with coaches, they gain more knowledge and instructional skills to improve the overall learning process in the classroom and outside class. They are able to handle different students better and teach better.


Quality of Life


“It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family ~ Philip Green. Thankfully coaching gives a 360 degrees wellness, your life; your health; your career. Coaches assist you to find balance in all these three critical areas. Such balance bring fulfillment in a life of a teacher. If we have a teacher whose quality of life is over the roof, imagine what impact that will have on our children, I’m all for teacher coaching!


Teacher coaching needs to be preached to everyone, teachers, principals and parents alike. Do you want an improvement in our educational system? Need an end to the era of copy and paste kind of education? It is not always the ‘dumb’ student but an uncoached teacher.


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