How many thoughts do you think you have on a daily basis? Just think about a random number.

Now let me tell you what the experts found out.

Experts measured that the mind thinks between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day. That’s an average of 2500 – 3,300 thoughts per hour.

That’s crazy, right?

So let me ask you one question: Do your thoughts build you up or pull you down? Do you observe the pattern of your thoughts? Is it positive or negative?

Part of engaging a life coach is to fix negative thoughts and elevate positive ones. If you need a DIY solution then our tips below can help:

Create Awareness

Creating awareness around your inner self is the most important step to help you to start treating yourself better.

Did you know that according to research 95% of our actions in our day-to-day life are controlled by our subconscious?

This means that the way you consciously talk to yourself has a big impact on your subconscious. Therefore listen for patterns, triggers, beliefs that create those negative thoughts. Imagine yourself being a detective and trying to understand everything about those negative thoughts.

Why is this important? Without awareness, you will not know what to change in order to practice positive self-talk.

A short exercise to assist you.


  • What dis-empowering thoughts and feelings am I having?
  • Why am I telling myself these negative things?
  • How true are those thoughts?
  • Where do those negative thoughts come from?

Re-frame Your Thought

After you created awareness around your negative self-talk, start changing the message and words into a more powerful, positive message. Come up with more empowering words and phrases.

For example:

Instead of saying

  • “Problems” change it to “solutions”
  • “Challenges” change it to “opportunities”

We are not telling you to stop using certain words; however, be mindful how you use them

Questions to help you out

  • What would be a more positive thought?
  • What is a more empowering word than ___?

Journaling or Keeping a Diary

Journaling is a powerful way to get your thoughts out of your head and have a real conversation with them. Plus, it helps to understand and identify where those negative patterns or beliefs come from.

Questions that might help you to start journaling:

  • What dis-empowering thoughts and feelings am I having?
  • Why am I telling myself these negative things?
  • How true are those thoughts?
  • Where do those negative thoughts come from?
  • What would be a more positive thought?

Positive Affirmations

By using daily empowering affirmations you start to create not only a positive self-talk but also a habit to have a more empowering conversation with yourself.

So Positive affirmations “are positive phrases which you repeat to yourself which describe how you want to be. However, if you combine positive affirmations with actions that are of course related to those empowering statements, you will start to embody and believe more in those positive assertions.

Check your Environment

Working on yourself is crucial, as well as getting conscious about what negative influences are in your environment.

Most negative thoughts, beliefs or patterns we pick up because of our surrounding. Negative people, news, Social Media, hobbies, certain times and places contribute to your negative self-talk.

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  • Think about negative influences and when they appear
  • Make a list of all those negative influences
  • Look for patterns or connections between them
  • Come up with a plan how you can avoid or improve those situations

Acknowledge & Celebrate Your Wins

Acknowledging your achievements and celebrating them is one of the most important steps.

A lot of people forget or try to avoid it when it comes to practicing positive self-talk or taking positive action in their life. Don’t skip this part!


  • Make a list of all your accomplishments of the day
  • Come up with some ways how you can celebrate those wins
  • Celebrate them now

Don’t ignore the power of celebrating your victories.

What are your thoughts on those 6 steps?

How do you practice positive self-talk in your day-to-day life?

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