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Public speaking is an important aspect of our lives that many fear. During these inevitable moments of public speech,  it seems the speaker has to do it all by him/her self. On the contrary, trained Public Speakers actually enjoy the whole experience again and again, while learning and developing through each public speaking experience. 

Public Speaking is an Art, and there is a science behind learning this Art. It is a particular case with many kinds of anxieties. Confronting and Exploring the source of your Public Speaking Phobia can do wonders to ease a nervous mind. Learn to become an ENGAGING PRESENTER. At ZenFusion Academy we work on every bit of detail to make our courses unique and easy to Learn from. 



IMPACT® is an expert taught course that will better familiarize you with the mechanics of good public speaking in just 2 hours.

This course  is it thought by a public speaking expert. Your learning will be led by a Life and Business coach to fine tune everything it needs to master Public Speaking.

Leading you from writing an effective impactful speech to delivering a great speech are all part and parcel in IMPACT®.

  • Improve writing.
  • Improve vocal strength.
  • Improve physical presence.
  • Improve presentation.
  • Improve confidence.
  • Improve connecting with audience.
  • Improve emotional bonding.
  • Improve authority on topic.

At ZenFusion Academy,

Once you take up a course to master any skill, we will be there to furnish maximum support that would enable you sail smoothly through it. Take up the course, practice it, use the assorted material available, keep updating us with your progress. You will find us at each step of your growth untill you reach your objective. you reach your objective.

Once you have completed your lectures, you will be able to establish momentum during a presentation, effectively handle the unexpected, and of course – deal with anxieties.

Does your work require you to give presentations? Are you just getting through them and hoping for the best but not quite hitting the mark? Are you building decks to pitch your ideas and to present to clients, but feel as though your presentation skills are mediocre at best? Have you lost an opportunity because you failed to with your audience?

Its time to learn to deliver an impressive, IMPACT, on the minds of your audience and lead the entire presentation with confidence and authenticity.


Ibrahim Mustapha

  • Access Two (2) Hours Content
  • 20 minutes sets Available
  • Prepare your Story and Rehearse
  • Prioritize your Message Well
  • Practice, Prepare, Practice
  • Access to Worksheets and Material
  • Online Support Available
  • Build a Growth Mindset with ZenFusion Academy

Don’t Miss Out!

Do not miss out on this opportunity to master the art of delivering powerful and captivating speeches with finesse and confidence by purchasing the IMPACT® Public Speaking Course by Ibrahim Mustaph 

Payment can be made via mobile money when purchasing the Impact Public Speaking Course.

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