Impact Public Speaking

Module 1 Public Speaking Masterclass Course
Lesson 1 Goal Setting (Part A)
Lesson 2 Goal Setting (Part B)
Lesson 3 Develop A Vision
Lesson 4 Signs of Body Language
Lesson 5 How To Overcome Fear
Lesson 6 Content Development
Lesson 7 Assignment and Exercises 1
Lesson 8 Assignment and Exercise 2
Lesson 9 Assignment for Practice
Lesson 10 How to Lead your Speaking Career
Lesson 11 Delivery Methods
Lesson 12 Audience Analysis
Lesson 13 How to Start a Presentation
Lesson 14 Personal Branding for Speakers
Lesson 15 Preparation before your Speach
Lesson 16 Places to get Speaking Events
Lesson 17 The Power of Practice
Lesson 18 Body Language
Lesson 19 Handling Questions
Lesson 20 Become a Professional Speaker and get Paid