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About Munnira Sheikh


Munnira Sheikh is a Life Coach providing one-on-one and group coaching for dynamic personal & professional development.

Munnira Sheikh, living in Ghana – Accra, holds 15 years professional experience with different International Companies. She has Masters in Business Administration – A Certified Master Practitioner of Mind Science and is also Certified in Conversational Intelligence (WBECS), Certified Master Practitioner of NLP & Certified in UltraMind Systems by Jose Silva.

Munnira is an experienced Life & Business Coach.

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THE MACBAK MODEL With MACBAK Model, Munnira takes you through a Transformation Journey

Coaching Session includes, discussion, brain storming, challenges, learning, various exercise and active thinking process.

All those looking for a spark in whatever they do. Professionals in any career. Entrepreneurs. Consultants. Home Makers. Life Designers.

As per consensus between you and the coach. Standard coaching sessions last between 2 to 3 hours.

A routine fee GHS 400 per session but consult the coach if there is any discount applicable for now. Payment could be made in Ghana cedis equivalent to dollar amount.

Positive Attitude & Brilliant Mindset, Go and Get It Approach, Happiness and Enjoyment, Clear Directions for Personal & Professional Growth, Balance Life in all Walks and Stimulate the Magnets in You that Creates Your own Limelight.


MACBAK MODEL Create Your Limelight

With MACBAK Model, Munnira takes you through a transformation journey. As a result, a growth mindset with clear ideas about what to do, how to do and why to do evolves. This coaching session includes discussions, brains storming, challenges, learning, exercises and active thinking process. It comes with a lot of understanding of your unique and individual personality in order to achieve your own dreams and goals.


  • Developing your skills’ set
  • Improving GRIT & RESILIENCE
  • Overcome Fears & Hurdles
  • Developing Brain capability to achieve
  • Life Design
  • Growth Mindset



Business without strategy is like a blind crossing a busy road. For every successful business, enough time and thinking has to be spent upon strategy development. Methodical and metric based strategy coaching is employed.

An Entrepreneur is a visionary person working at a pace of 360 degrees. Coaching session to focus upon product, place, price and promotion to assemble a best offer to market. Step by step business coaching spread on 12 Months.


  • Strategy Plan + Sales Plan Target.
  • 4 Ps (product, place,  practical, price and  promotion) Practicals.
  • Marketing Plan.
  • Sales Plan Forecast.
  • Branding & Marketing Positioning Analysis.
  • Financial Analysis and Audit.
  • Business Health Check (OD).

The MACBAK Model


Munnira Sheikh

  • Developing your skills' sets
  • Improving GRIT & RESILIENCE
  • Overcome Fears & Hurdles
  • Developing Brain capability to achieve
  • Life Design
  • Access to Worksheets and Material
  • Growth Mindset
"The Best Investment you could make all Year is Retaining the Macbak Model Coach"

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Payment can be made via mobile money to 0544338834 (Munnira Sheikh) when booking an appointment.

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