Pretty much the most awesome workout ever. Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it.

Try simple zenergize Fitness steps and practice at the comfort of your home


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  • 1 hour 30 minutes full Energized Fitness Dance Videos.

  • 20 minutes sets available.

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  • Practice many times a week.

  • Continuous support for 1 year. 


$25 (GHS125)

  • With Continuous Support for 1 year.

You May Pay Via Momo Pay Via Momo to 0544338834 (Munnira Sheikh)


Simply dial *170# on your cellular device.


Once dialed, a menu pops up to which you will enter 1 for “Transfer Money” and send


Another menu pops up to which you will enter 1 for “Momo User” and send.


In the next pop-up, enter the mobile number 0544338834. You would re-enter this for confirmation.


In the next pop-up, enter the amount 50 and send. You would then be prompted to enter your momo pin.


Upon entering your pin correctly and sending, you would receive a message to add a reference, enter “Zenergize Fitness Kit” and send. Verify that you want to send GHs50 to Munnira Sheikh, by entering 1 in the next pop-up to complete the transaction.


  1. You may directly send a copy of your receipt screen shot on the number to Munnira Sheikh 0544338834.
  2. As soon the payment is reflected on our accounts, our account manager will confirm you by a phone call (or text) and WhatsApp.
  3. You will receive an email with details on how to access your purchased product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My basic concern is to make my program so powerful and rich for my clients, so it can really speak for itself. For this reason I need to collect results and feedback. Hence, I have reduced the price at utmost least level so everyone can afford it. By doing this, I can serve many many clients as well as with their feedback I also keep improving my product value.

Simply click the button ‘Yes, I want 60% discount, buy NOW!” and it will lead you to a  shopping cart button above with “1 ITEMS” inscribed on it.  Click on this button which would lead you to a secure order page. Enter the details required to complete order, including that of your mobile wallet, credit card or other details according to the method you want to use for payment. You will receive a confirmation email after payment is cleared and received. We will then send you your login and password for the videos where you would be able to access your Zenergize Fitness Course.

Yes, these videos will be accessible for you to practice as many times as you want.

Yes, these videos are copyrighted by Zenergize by ZenFusion Academy. Copying or unauthorized distribution of these videos will cause legal action to be taken.
Not very specific, but not very tight or loose. There are exercise clothes easily available in the market.
You will find a lot of guidance once you login into your account. It is recommended to always start with warm session. Each song has been danced from low pace to high to make it easy for you. Once you make it a regular practice, every step will become easier for you.
For any further support you may always send us an email at
Normally, it is recorded in one our sessions that a person is able to loose 600 to 800 calories. If you keep up the pace you can loose even more. If you take only 20 minutes session, you may calculate accordingly.

Yes off course, a proper nutritional plan could be advised by your nutritionist. Healthy eating is definite for the mission of loosing weight. Kindly consult your doctor.